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Reiki is a Japanese form of healing that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide but has been around for thousands of years. Reiki involves the transfer of energy through the practitioner to patient to enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself through the balancing of energy. Reiki utilizes specific techniques for restoring and balancing the natural life force energy within the body. It is a holistic, natural, hands-on energy healing system that touches on all levels: body, mind, and spirit.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word representing universal life energy, the energy which is all around us. It is derived from rei, meaning "free passage" or "transcendental spirit" and ki, meaning "vital life force energy" or " universal life energy".

Reiki practitioners channel energy in a particular pattern to heal and harmonize. Unlike other healing therapies based on the premise of a human energy field, Reiki seeks to restore order to the body whose vital energy has become unbalanced.

Reiki energy has several basic effects: it brings about deep relaxation, destroys energy blockages, detoxifies the system, provides new vitality in the form of healing universal life energy, and increases the vibration frequency of the body.

In Reiki the healer places their hands above the recipient; however, it is the recipient that draws the energy as needed. Thus, in this case, the individual being healed takes an active part in the healing process as opposed to having a passive part as in traditional medicine. The individual takes responsibility for his or her healing. The recipient identifies the needs and caters to them by drawing energy as needed.

Reiki treatments do not require actual touching. The practitioner can hold his or her hands a few inches or further away from the patient's body and manipulates the energy field from there. Reiki practitioners will ask before touching a patient so that the patient is always in control.

Reiki energy is regarded as life force energy at its most effective-with the maximum vibration. It is considered to have an almost divine quality and as such includes everything, in a world where problems and disorders are deemed to be due to the feeling of detachment from the world. There is no division of Reiki energy into positive and negative forms but when a person undergoes a session of therapy, they allow the energy to be taken into themselves with beneficial effects. Essentially, those receiving Reiki energy decide subconsciously just how much of the life energy is taken in.

Those who use Reiki regularly often find they are more joyful, lively and their own energy is enhanced-almost as if their batteries had been fully charged! Existing conflicts within the person are broken down and there is a greater vitality, leading to relaxation and a stimulation of the body. As this improvement develops, the natural processes of renewal and removal of toxins are enhanced and rendered more effective, ultimately opening up more of the body to the life energy.

Body organs such as the skin and protective systems such as the immune system are improved provided that the individual is prepared regularly to undertake Reiki and to undergo an attunement or initiation into Reiki energy. The initiation is merely a means whereby the universal life force energy is bestowed through the Reiki master. The master acts as a channel and a link with the Divine, the universal life force energy, spirit guides, reiki guides and all the healers kind enough to help to pass on the healing power





What is Iridology ?

Iridology is the inspection of the iris of the eye as an aid in determining a persons state of health.

The iris contains many nerve endings which are connected to the optic nerve, the base of the brain, and all of the bodily tissues. Hence, the neural circuitry of the eye are able to express the continuity of the body, an integrated unit composed of various cells which all communicate with each iris about their overall wellness. A weakness in body's tissues or organs often show up in the eye before they show up in medical tests! Iridologist will conduct a non-invasive analysis of the iris of each eye and provide an accurate assessment of your relative state of health as well as recommendations based on the findings.

Benefits of Iridology

By studying the patterns of a person's iris, they can provide helpful and accurate health and wellness information. iridology is a holistic endeavour in that it addresses the person's whole being in the reading. The range of information gleaned encompasses physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the person's health picture. In addition to assessing the person's general level of health, readings can reveal other data, including energy quotients; internal areas of irritation, degeneration, injury, or inflammation; nutritional and chemical imbalances; accumulation of toxins; life transitions; and subconscious tensions. Eyes reveal information about the person's physical and emotional constitution, such as inherited weaknesses and risks to which the person may be prone. Strengths may also be revealed, including inherited emotional tendencies from which the person derives particular talents. Cleansing and healing can be verified by changes in the iris. By looking for certain signs such as healing lines, iridologists obtain information about previous health problems and injuries and discover what may have gone wrong in the person's past.

An iridology reading reflects the causes of problems, not symptoms. It may reveal that organs or systems are overstressed or predisposed to disease before clinical symptoms even develop. By predicting future problems, iridology can be used as a preventive tool. People can use the information from iridology readings to improve their health and make better behavioural choices in the future, thereby heading off problems before they occur.

Iridology Chart can show


Using Iridology to improve your health

Iridology is the practice of examining the iris of the eye for markings and discolorations in order to determine possible health problems they might indicate. Different sectors of the iris are said to correspond to different areas of the body. Different markings indicate possible vulnerabilities in those areas. Iridology isn't used to diagnose specific diseases or conditions. Rather, it's used to indicate potential problems in all areas of the body, including the heart, lungs, spleen, spine and kidneys. You can still use iridology to improve your overall health, however, by taking special care of those organs and systems your iridology reading deems vulnerable.






What is Colour Therapy ?

Colour therapy is a subtle non-invasive therapy making use of the healing energy contained within the visible rays of colour. Colour therapists introduce the optimum balance of colour energies into the human organism in order to promote harmony and balance between the body, mind and spirit. Only when this balance occurs are we able to work towards a state of perfect health. Colour therapy is at present a complementary therapy, which works well with many other methods of treatments. There are, however, many cases where colour therapy has worked while other methods of treatment have been ineffectual. You do not have to be ill to benefit from colour therapy, as we are all striving towards wholeness and perfect health. Colour therapy encourages us to take personal responsibility for our life and to use the healing power within ourselves. A colour therapist can use colour to balance energy, aid creativity and learning, release blocks and alleviate physical, emotional and mental conditions. Colour therapy helps people understand their needs for certain colours, and show them how to use these colours for healing, health, relaxation, inspiration and protection. Colour therapy is now used extensively in Asia, Europe and America as a complementary treatment for many physical, emotional and mental problems. These include ailments such as asthma, arthritis, nervous and mental disorders, depression, eating disorders, skin diseases, digestive ailments, blood and circulation problems, fevers, rheumatism, shock, for the relief of pain and as part of the treatment for many serious illnesses such as paralysis, multiple sclerosis, M.E. cancers and Aids. Colour therapy has been used as a cure for leprosy in India using only a combination of diet and colour bandages.

Colour treatments can speed up recovery after an illness or an operation.Hospitals around the world are now using certain colours for the decoration of the wards to speed up recovery, with very positive results. It was reported recently that an eight-year-old girl was brought into hospital in Germany suffering from third degree burns. Her doctor, a homoeopath, treated her with colour therapy using blue light, and the child recovered fully in record time with surprisingly little scarring. As Colour therapists use the different colour wavelengths, which are in essence vibrations,colour therapy forms part of what is known as Vibrational Medicine. Sound, fragrance and thought waves are also vibrations, and this is why colour therapy, music therapy, aromatherapy and mind techniques such as meditation and creative visualisations are all closely linked. Sound waves are really colour vibrations slowed down. Think of an electric storm. First we see the lightning and later when the vibrations slow down, we hear the thunder. In fact our senses are so closely linked that some people when looking at a colour hear a corresponding sound. Many blind people can feel colour through their fingertips. Each colour has a different texture and feeling. In fact sighted people can also learn to differentiate colours through their fingers. Colour also emits a fragrance. There are machines which can show one the colour of sounds on a screen. This form of sound and light therapy was used to treat shell-shocked soldiers after the war.

Colour therapy gives our bodies all the correct colour vibrations it requires in order to maintain optimum health. The more variety of coloured foods that we eat, the better our health will be. Colour is a very important part of our life’s. We are a vibration just like each word, colour, food, thought, action, emotion we have each and every day, therefore there is no one in control of our bodies more than we are, unless we allow them to be. The chakra's in our bodies are represented by colours, which in turn represent all area's and organs and serve various processes. Just by the colour of clothes which you wear, can have a very positive or negative effect on your mood and in turn your body and emotions. The clothes which you wear filter normal light through and change the colour which is absorbed into your body by the colours which you are wearing. Black would not be a good choice if you were feeling sad or down. Just observe which clothes you automatically pick first thing in the morning out of your wardrobe. This reflects your mood. Therefore if you were not feeling great and chose dark colours, change it and pick something bright which will lift your mood. Another classic example of this is look at your normal wardrobe. Now compare it to the colour of clothing you take on holiday with you. When you are in the sun on holiday, feeling much happier are the clothes you are wearing the clothes you would be wearing at home when you are feeling down? If you need to speak up about something, blue/turquoise is very effective as this is the colour of your throat chakra and the area below. If you need strength red is a good colour, this is the colour of your base chakras and your bodies foundation. If you are lacking love in your life green is the colour of your heart chakra, wear it around that area. Always wear the colour around the area of the chakra which needs it. Yellow is great for your center chakra, the solar plexus, it will lift your mood and brighten your day.


Chakra Balancing


The chakras, which resemble whirling wheels of energy, exist on the etheric plane. This is why orthodox western medicine has difficulty accepting their existence. Indian and Chinese healing symptoms have shown us how important these energy centres are to our whole well-being. On the physical plane, the chakras correspond to the endocrine glands. All chakras interpenetrate one another. Each chakra corresponds to a particular colour frequency, and with a particular organ or gland. This means that the organ or gland vibrates at a sympathetic rhythm to a colour vibration.

When we feel 'off colour' or ' washed out' we need to retune to the colour, just like tuning in a radio set to a station so that it restores the signal loud and clear. When a person's aura colours glow clear and healthy, so do the corresponding chakra centres. In a healthy body, the chakras absorb and distribute colour energy evenly, while in an unhealthy person, toxins may begin to collect causing physical, mental and emotional problems. There are eight major centres within each level of the aura, these are joined together at intervals along the spine. These centres of power are constantly moving, absorbing currents of energy. A free flow of this life-giving energy is vital to the health and well-being of the person. We thus describe the chakra centres as being either open or closed. The open centre allows energy to pass freely, while a closed centre creates an energy block typified by problems related to that chakra. Chakras can also become too open, which will also cause disharmony, and allow too many vibrations to enter that centre. The aim is to balance the energy between the different chakras as well as making sure each centre is not too open or closed. Each of the chakras contains all the colours of the spectrum, but only one colour is dominant in each.

Chakra Balancing - A simple yet very effective way of balancing the main energy center’s of the body, our Chakras. Chakras serve all areas of our body and bodily functions. To reach and maintain optimum health and well being we need to continuously give our body the right conditions to enable it to heal itself. Chakra Balancing can be carried out in person, distant or through Hypnosis. Lovely sets of crystals can be purchased to enable you to balance, clear and heal your own chakra's. Included with full instructions to cleanse and program your crystals and balance your chakras, also detailed information on how the crystals can be used in other ways!


What is Kinesiology?   

Kinesiology (pronounced kin-easy-ology) comes from the Greek word 'kinesis' meaning motion and is the study of movement. Certain aspects of the system have been used by conventional doctors and physiotherapist to test the range of movement, strength and ability of muscle-damaged patients.

Kinesiology is used to detect and rectify functional imbalances before they develop into disease. It is a complimentary therapy treatment that identifies patterns of weaknesses in muscles through gentle muscle testing.

It is in the process of being recognised by Government through the development of National Occupational Standards.

Kinesiology harnesses many techniques from allopathic medicine and other complimentary therapies in order to assist the client in correcting the imbalances identified through kinesiological assessment.

Kinesiology is a gentle non-evasive therapy with no side effects. It is perfectly safe for people of all ages and states of health.

Kinesiology - Is a way of balancing health by testing muscles. Our bodies contain invisible energies flowing throughout our organs and tissues. It is only when these circuits of energy are free-flowing and balanced that we are in a state of good health and well-being. These energy circuits can become blocked in times of stress or illness and we become weak if we use more energy than we can generate. The weaknesses can be clearly identified with simple muscle testing - the effected muscle displaying loss of strength. It’s a very effective and natural way of testing for allergies or sensitivities to certain foods, but also pin points deficiencies of vitamins and minerals.




What is Thai Massage?  

Traditional Thai massage is a unique form of bodywork dating back to ancient times over 2,500 years ago. It was originally practised in temples in Thailand by Buddhist monks as a means of invigorating the mind and body. Thai massage also known as Thai Yoga Massage combines soothing massage techniques, thumb pressure similar to acupressure and applied yoga stretches. This dynamic and powerful therapeutic northern style Thai Massage is now becoming increasingly popular world-wide for relieving stress and stress related disorders.

Many benefits include gentle muscle stretching, increasing flexibility, deep relaxation, improving posture, joint mobility and energy levels. Thai massage has a vast array of techniques and practitioners work in a meditative state and use their hands, feet, legs, knees and elbows to free the tension held within the body. The client remains fully clothed. This massage is one of the most beneficial therapies for treating physical and psychological problems, maintaining health and well-being.

Thai Massage - Is a very different type of massage to aromatherapy/oil massage. It works on balancing the body and removing toxins and blockages from the body, working naturally on the energy centre’s. Thai massage is very relaxing, invigorating and energising. Clothing is worn during Thai Massage.








What is Nutritional Therapy? 


We all know that to be healthy we should eat a balanced diet, in modest quantities and at regular intervals and combine it with regular exercise. Unfortunately life does not, for most people, turn out to be as simple as that. We are all individuals with individual needs. The food that one person thrives on, may give someone else terrible indigestion. Equally the diet that cures one persons arthritis might have no effect on someone else with the same condition. There are always many factors which need to be taken into consideration.   


Nutritional Therapy is always personal and closely centred around the lifestyle, environment, needs and habits of the client. Nutritional consultants are trained to examine their client's entire lifestyle and make-up, not just what, when and how they eat, but how they sleep, how they work, what exercise they take and how they feel. Consultants are also skilled in nutritional science, including allergy testing, and through a process of elimination and education, can find out if their client is nutritionally imbalanced and if so, how to redress the balance.   

The aim is to build up a complete, individual profile and then find a dietary and lifestyle programme to lead the client towards optimum health. Nutritional Therapy is certainly not a quick fix and a certain amount of motivation will be required on the client's part. Sometimes certain foods have to be given up for a period of time, to detect intolerances/allergies. 

Nutrition - If you provide the body with the right conditions, it will heal itself. The body is a powerful self regenerating organism. It has all the necessary systems for regeneration, rejuvenation and rebuilding. It has an extremely efficient Immune System which is capable of fending off the most damaging invaders. So why is there disease? The very word means that the body is in a state of Dis-ease. It is certainly not being provided with the optimum conditions that is require to maintain itself healthily. Unless you provide your body with the right conditions, both mentally, physically and spiritually, it will not function at its optimum level. The triangle of mine, body and spirit represents the three inseparable components or our being and wellness. None of these factors can be effected with there being an effect on the other’s. Similarly, you cannot treat one without considering the others.  




What is Hypnotherapy? 


Clinical Hypnotherapy is the application of the trance state of hypnosis for a therapeutic purpose. Practitioners will often use a variety of techniques including Counselling and behavioural techniques to assist the client to overcome emotional or anxiety related problems. Often clients wish to be able to achieve something which they currently perceive as being impossible, such as overcoming a phobia or an addiction or unwanted habit such as smoking.  

Increasingly Hypnotherapy is being successfully used to assist clients to study and to memorise, including increasing their reading speed. It can also help with performance and test nerves and can provide valuable assistance with almost all psychosomatic illnesses such as migraine, stress, digestive problems including irritable bowel syndrome and muscular tension. Athletes and sports people also find that Hypnotherapy can greatly assist with mental rehearsal, concentration and goal achievement.  

Sometimes Hypnotherapy will be combined with physical therapies such as gentle head and shoulder or body massage or Reiki to achieve a blissfully relaxed state and a perfect environment for the bodies natural healing to take place. Clients are taught how to achieve the state of hypnosis themselves so that they can continue to enjoy the effects and work on the process at home.  

Clients are sometimes a little wary to begin with since they imagine that the therapy involves them losing control and possibly blurting out their innermost secrets! In fact this is far from the truth and they are fully in control and can bring themselves out of trance at any time if they so wish. Once therapy begins they are normally enjoying the relaxed state so much that all they want is for it to not to end too soon! Often at the end of a session clients feel as if they have had several hours sleep even though they have been conscious the whole time.



Crystal Healing - Crystals have so many wonderful properties to provide us with to improve our health and balance our body to its correct vibration. Crystals heal on all level's, healing the mind, body, spirit and soul and become unique to the individual. They can be used each day to promote good health and for any issues or problems one may have  

In order to function in this rapidly changing world, man needs to find more peace and harmony within himself. We need to discover the power of the mineral kingdom in order to become whole and wise, for if we upset the delicate balance of any of Nature’s kingdoms we end up suffering from our actions. All imbalances that we experience in the human kingdom can be balanced by elements in the mineral, plant and animal kingdom. The mineral kingdom gives service to all life by providing a stable balance for planetary structure. All other kingdoms on earth depend on the form and balance given by the life-force energies of the mineral kingdom. It provides the foundation for life. Minerals have the lowest vibrations of all living things. They form the body of the earth from which everything grows. We too are made up of the same elements as the earth. We are not separate from it, but connected by our life-force energies. Our human structure is made up of minerals and therefore the spiritual qualities of these minerals can be expressed in human form. We are now just beginning to realise the potential of crystals to heighten the spiritual and physical aspects of our newly awakened awareness. The mineral kingdom receives its life-force energy from the sun and from other planetary sources. Stones are living entities; living, breathing, transmitting, interacting, shining, pulsating. They emit powerful vibrations and frequencies that affect our whole being. They can heal, balance and attune the body, mind and spirit.  

Crystals are pure solarised sunlight, which take millions of years to form. Each has its own resonance, or vibration. Man has already possessed the knowledge for the use of crystals and light to heal. The ancient Atlantians were a great civilization that used colour and crystals for healing. The Atlantian crystal healing has highly developed as crystals provided the basic energy source. Not only were crystals used for healing but also for teaching and interstellar communication. Unfortunately, due to misuse of their powers, this knowledge was lost. Over the centuries people have used gemstones to attract the solar rays and indeed modern communication systems and computer technology make use of the crystal in the form of the silicon chip. Today we are learning to use crystals (precious or semi-precious stones) as a preventative and curative form of treatment, which generate healing vibrations acting on the body's energy field. Crystals can be used to channel healing energies through the healer to patient or be placed on specific parts of the body that need treatment.   

Crystals are here to teach and serve us, but their energy lies dormant until we awaken their elemental consciousness with unconditional love. The mineral, plant and most of the animal kingdom are bound by group consciousness. The elementals need to be directed, and therefore a crystal or gemstone needs to be programmed to serve. By holding a crystal in the left hand, send it love and energy. This wakes up the element in the crystal. Hold it over the heart centre saying, I love you. Give it caring love (not emotional love), forming a relationship with the crystal. It is only in some higher animals and man that we assert individual consciousness. This individual consciousness is brought about by our ego which binds us to this three dimensional world. The ego brings with it a separation from our intuition and higher self, which is spiritual in origin. We are very seldom aware of our true inner self, which links us to all other life forms. This disconnection causes most of our problems. We disregard the intuitive self as being illogical and unimportant for our daily routines and activities. So we suppress the expressions of our higher self, and over-ride them with our thoughts of logic and reasoning.  

The intuitive self has capabilities to forewarn, foretell and guide us, and is typified by expression of selfless love, compassion and joy. Crystals can help us to liberate those areas of the mind, which we are not consciously aware of, and help us balance the subconscious (higher or intuitive self) and conscious mind. 

As we strive for self-knowledge our level of consciousness increases. We are both matter and spirit, and once we can understand this connection we shall become whole and healthy. Man is on a path of evolution, which is to learn that the source of love is within us and to open to the goodness and abundance of the universe. We need to get in touch with our higher and spiritual self in order to connect to crystals and awaken their healing powers. The crystals themselves can help us to do this.Like all the kingdoms on earth the mineral kingdom is in a state of evolution. It is the struggle of the mineral kingdom to learn that they can give and receive life-force energy without leaving the space they occupy. This is the lesson of form. All the kingdoms have different lessons to learn 




The sky is your limit 



Life coaches provide support, structure and encouragement to help you fulfil your potential, making the most of your lives and moving forward in the areas which you want to change such as relationships, careers, fitness, work-life balance or self-confidence. life coaching is a practical, forward-looking way to gain clarity on what you don't like and what you can do about it. It's also a powerful support system to keep you moving in the right direction. It provides an external perspective on your life. 

During sessions, you'll be answering powerful questions which allow you to gain astonishing insights into your world and your thoughts. You'll be challenging your beliefs and freeing you from your self-imposed prison. Your life will begin to sparkle! Regular consultations provide moments of focus and inspiration.  

A variety of coaching tools allow you to work through the inevitable roadblocks which the world will place between you and your goals.Does this sound familiar? 


You’ve been in the same job for years and it’s beginning to feel like Groundhog Day.  


You know there is something missing from your life but you can’t rock that familiar boat.  

You already know the habit you should break, the conversation you need to have, the risk you need to confront, but, you can’t get yourself to do it. How long has it been since you had a good time? 

Pain is one sign, but the absence of pleasure is another. When you don’t feel much of anything, when there's no excitement, no ambition, no energy, something is wrong. 

If this is not a response to a recent loss or a difficult situation, this is your signal that you are stuck in a rut. 

If you want to break free of your rut try these self coaching questions.


What would I attempt if I knew I wouldn't fail?  

What can I do today that I have been dreaming about for a long time? 

What can I do right this second that will change who and what I am a year from now, 4 years from now?

My future will be a repetition of my past unless something changes. 


Do I want to make the change?  


What additional information do I need to make a wise and informed decision here?  


Whose advice have I been listening to? Has it helped? Where can I get the most helpful information and feedback? What am I waiting for? 

If you have the answers to these questions and you are acting on them, you are your own Life Coach.

If you have the answers and you are not acting on them, you will benefit from the help of a Life Coach.  

If you can't answer these (or some of these) questions and you would like to, contact a Life Coach. Failure is ONLY important lessons we have learnt, which enables us to move on, improve and grow 

Online Consultations £55. Block booking of four sessions £200 

Don't sit there waiting for your life to change, begin TODAY and start to implement those changes 

Why not make the transitions in your life easier and join the Healing Circle at the same time? Constant healing for 1 year ONLY £40.

Remember, beauty is never skin deep. Nothing only exists because of the shell it belongs to or has been given. Bearing this in mind, whenever we want to change anything, whether it be physical, mental or emotional, (our appearance, feelings and thoughts) the change ONLY occurs from changing your thoughts, thinking patterns, and your feelings about how you see yourself. For example, we change our looks easily and have any amount of cosmetic surgery we could afford, but unless we feel beautiful inside, we will never feel beautiful outside. We must first love ourselves in order that we can love others. If we don’t know how to even treat ourselves with love and compassion, how could we every treat anyone else with the same? No one is saying it is easy to change the way you think, I certainly know its not. But how much money would it be worth to you to be happy in your life, with all aspects of your life? Could any amount of money ever make up for you being miserable and unhappy in your life? If you truly believe you are happy in life and you think it's all genuine, then all I ask you to do is take all the material things away out of your life and imagine that all you have left is your family, friends, pets, the roof over your house with no objects in there and last of all yourself, your body, including your feelings, thoughts, thinking patterns and physical looks and your good health. Would you still be content and happy, with the most important things in your life you have left? If the answer to that question is no, then don’t you think it's time YOU found happiness within? Instead of just looking beyond that and to other people and material objects in your life, which will give you a little satisfaction for a short time only, which are all purely false hopes. Life is truly amazing if you allow it to be and the moment you allow yourself to be happy and love yourself for who you are is the moment you will never look back on your life and only look forward and be so happy and positive about everything in your life.




If your not happy and want to change your life, then don’t wait until the time is right. When will the time ever be right? There is always some excuse we can make for putting things off, but when it comes to our health is this really wise? We all lead busy and complicated life’s and have little if any time to place the emphasis on ourselves and our own well being. Yet each and every second of every day, we rely on our bodies for every single function which we have. We all take for granted each breath we have, there’s an endless supply without a second thought. If we do not give our bodies the right conditions to enable them to heal themselves, we will without a doubt suffer the consequences. We don’t think twice about buying that new outfit we have had our eye on, of spending money on outings here, there and everywhere, yet when it comes to our health, can we truly say we take some me time each day. To relax and enjoy the things we love to do in life and just to remind ourselves how lucky we are and for the blessings we already have in our life’s? 

Life is all about choices and decisions. Each and every day we are the ones in control of our own destiny. If we are not happy, we can change that simply by changing the way we are thinking. Our dreams will only be as big or as small as we allow them to be. Everything we could possibly ever want and need we already have within. The universe provides us with all the prosperity and abundance we could ever need, the moment we chose to allow it and accept it. The problem most of us have is that we are looking for outside factors and influences to find true happiness and contentment within. The moment we do that, is the moment we place our fate and destiny in the hands of others and will never be happy because we are striving for another to help us find what we already have within, just never bother to look for. 

The key to finding true happiness and contentment is by focusing on ones self. It could not be any easier. To analyse our own thoughts, feelings and actions, will give us all the answers we have been looking for. When we take the focus away from ourselves and look for outside influences, we will always be looking in vain.  

We have all the tools to heal ourselves and our own bodies, we were born with them. ANY illness or disease was created by ourselves and our thoughts which are the circumstances which we have given our bodies. If negative thoughts are continued they will be carried by water and begin to manifest in the body and become a disease or illness. Our minds are the author and our body is the script. We are what we think and always will be. If we think we are fat, ugly, unhappy or depressed, then that is the state we will remain in, until we change our own thought patterns and change our way of thinking into positive and constructive. By simply telling ourselves how we want to look or feel each day or by using positive affirmations we can change our thought patterns and change the whole way we look at life. We can all change who we are and what we have become if we are not happy, by simply changing the way we think.



Some of these treatments and therapies can be carried in person and also through distant means, both with exactly the same amazing results  

Iridology - For the detailed analysis of the eyes you are required to provide a picture of your eyes which you can send by email which I then use to magnify to compile all information 

You will receive a comprehensive and detailed explanation of your eyes, any potential problems and indications which may lead to a more serious problem if left untreated. Any advice for preventive measures based on your personal Iris reading, which may include possible lifestyle changes or changes in diet to improve health & well-being 

You will receive by post A4 detailed picture of the eyes for you to keep, should you have a further eye reading you will see any differences in the Iris and be able to see the changes you may have made in your diet and lifestyle that will be indicated in further readings

Try simple yet effective ways you can use and practise to obtain balance and with continued use maintain that balance

The analysis may take up to 7-10 days to be completed and will be emailed to you once completed along will all relevant information and photos sent in the post free of charge 

This service can also be used for animals

The price for complete detailed analysis and assessment online is £75.00 

Holistic Treatment / Body Balance - Healing the mind, body, spirit and soul. This treatment includes Reiki Healing, Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing and clearing all at the same time. Guaranteed to notice the difference immediately with this treatment - £40.00 

Reiki / Intuitive / Psychic Healing. Reiki treatments last around one hour and work to heal the mind, body, spirit and soul. There are many benefits to Reiki including: Promotes natural health, balances the energies in the body, heals holistically, strengthens the immune system, relieves pain. Clears toxins, enhances personal awareness, relaxes and reduces stress. Promotes creativity, treats symptoms and causes of illness. Adapts to the natural needs of the receiver. Release blocked and suppressed feelings. Balances the organs, glands, chakra’s and their bodily functions. Aids meditation and positive thinking and so much more - £40.00










Reiki Attunements/Workshops - All levels, Reiki 1, Reiki 11 and Reiki Master - Prices from £45.00 see Reiki Attunements for more details

Thai Massage - (Studied in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand) Removes blockages from the body and balances the body. Working on the meridians, chakra’s and energy centres of the body. Treatments last Around one hour fifteen minutes - £40.00 

Crystal Healing with Reiki - Works on balancing, clearing and cleansing of the body.Working with the energy centre’s on the body, the chakra’s. Treatment lasts around one hour - £40.00 

Meridian Psychotherapy / EFT - ‘Emotional Freedom Therapy’ - Using an ancient technique tapping the Meridian lines of the body removing mental, emotional and physical blockages. EFT can usually eliminate problems in one session. Involves using the bodies own energy centre’s to remove habits, phobia’s, patterns and very deep emotional troubles which may remain with us from childhood. EFT involves tapping the meridians, which are the energy centre’s of the body, to remove, balance or correct the body. It’s very effective and in some cases the results are immediate and last - £40.00 

Chakra Balancing CD / Relaxation CD- £5.00 

Colour Therapy - Correcting the body by establishing a balance of colours/vibrations in your life. Using Crystals, Reiki and Colours to improve your health and well-being and establish balance-£40.00 

 Colour Therapy Consultation - Correcting the body by establishing a balance of colours/vibrations in your life. Taking into account the colour's in your environment and the effect they may be having on your health. Covering the colour of food you eat, clothes you wear and which colour represents each area of the body and chakra’s functions. To improve health and well-being - £60.00 


Chakra balancing. Using Reiki and Crystal’s at the same time to balance the mind, body, spirit and soul. Treatment generally last around one hour fifteen minutes. This can be done in person or through distant means with exactly the same results. Have your Chakra's balanced Today and feel the difference in your health and well-being instantly. £40.00 in person / distant £20.00  

Kinesiology - Is a way of balancing health by testing muscles. Our bodies contain invisible energies flowing throughout our organs and tissues. It is only when these circuits of energy are free-flowing and balanced that we are in a state of good health and well-being. These energy circuits can become blocked in times of stress or illness and we become weak if we use more energy than we can generate. The weaknesses can be clearly identified with simple muscle testing - the effected muscle displaying loss of strength. It’s a very effective and natural way of testing for allergies or sensitivities to certain foods, but also pin points deficiencies of vitamins and minerals -£60.00 


 Nutrition - If you provide the body with the right conditions, it will heal itself. The body is a powerful self regenerating organism. It has all the necessary systems for regeneration, rejuvenation and rebuilding. It has an extremely efficient Immune System which is capable of fending off the most damaging invaders. So why is there disease? The very word means that the body is in a state of Dis-ease. It is certainly not being provided with the optimum conditions that is require to maintain itself healthily. Unless you provide your body with the right conditions, both mentally, physically and spiritually, it will not function at its optimum level. The triangle of mine, body and spirit represents the three inseparable components or our being and wellness. None of these factors can be effected with there being an effect on the other’s. Similarly, you cannot treat one without considering the others - In person / Online - £60.00 



Health & Well-Being Consultations - Establishing the root cause of the problem with the initial consultation and I will recommend the most effective therapy to deal with and eliminate the problem. The price involves the therapy and all information to enable you maintain optimum health and well being  



Looking at the over all state of your body in great depth. Using alternative therapies right for you to work through and solve issues or problems. Improving the body mentally, emotionally and physically and spiritually - Ongoing for one month - £150.00

If you wish to work on a particular area/issue or problem - £60.00  

 Why not take advantage of my Healing Circle and join today for £40.00 for constant Healing for 1 YEAR. Improve your health and well-being today, join the healing circle and feel the difference. 



Crystal Sets - Crystals have so many wonderful properties to provide us with to improve our health and balance our body to its correct vibration. Crystals heal on all level's, healing the mind, body, spirit and soul and become unique to the individual. They can be used each day to promote good health and for any issues or problems one may have. To order a set of crystals, which have been cleansed, blessed and filled with Reiki. Excellent quality Small unpolished raw Crystals £6.00, ideal for travelling with, medium raw Crystals £8.00 and large unpolished raw crystals £10.00. All supplied with Japanese carry case and instructions ready to use. 

Set’s of beautiful unpolished crystals can be purchased ready to use and charged with Reiki. In Japanese coloured carry case complete with instructions on how to use, where to place, specific things they can be used for and how to cleanse and re-programme them. Also a Chakra chart to enable you to use the crystals for healing. 


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Problems cannot be solved by the same thoughts that created them


Change your Life TODAY



What IS’ is ONLY ever in that very moment, unless you prolong it!  

You determine your own experiences in life, not your circumstances - they are only the result 

Do you know that every single feeling you have is first created by a thought you think?

Every state of mind you have, whether happy, sad, depressed, angry or content begins on a thought level

Thought is one of the most powerful forms of energy in the entire universe. Everything you see out there was formed from the invisible, inaudible and intangible. That which started as a thought then turned into an idea then eventually became part of the physical world through action.

The present mind state will determine everything

Do you know what this means? This means each and every day we create our own inner and outer world through the thoughts we think and attract more of what we are thinking just by thinking it. Imagine……..

This means if you continue thinking about something and you don’t want it, then you are just going to attract more of what you don’t want. However if you feel something is missing in your life that you do want, starting to think about it as though you are already in possession of it and continuing to do so, will eventually bring it into your life

Our inner world can create and eventually manifest anything we desire into the physical world.  

NOTHING can be created what isn’t first thought of. You can never have something in your life that you don’t first place into your thoughts to create the energy that is required in order for it to manifest into the physical

Doubts and regrets are the only things which lie between who we are, and what we want to be 

The most amazing fact about universal energy which connects us all and we originate from is that when used to our advantage it cannot differentiate between what is real, or not real. Therefore through continued thought and focussed attention it has no choice but to turn it into reality because of the law of attraction. So you really must start to be aware of what you think about and if its not something you desire, then change that very thought into something you do desire. The only downside to this is that mankind seems to suffer from a condition that we live on our OWN conditioned programmed responses. Left to our own devices, we are like programmed robots continuing to do what we are experts at each and every day. Each and every day the same, perhaps in different order. Humans are very negative in nature. Spending most of their waking life dwelling on the past and those outcomes and the future and what may never even happen, while at the same time taking the emphasis away from the here and now and the only time any of us ever have. In this space we create our own tomorrows and next weeks.

We all have the same intelligence and wisdom within. How can we ever be separate from our source and creation when we all came from, and will return to the same place? The difference isn’t our appearance or labels, nor anything else physical for that matter. The ONLY difference that distinguishes our very being and magnificence is the way we THINK, nothing more You are the products of all those choices you’ve made up until now. You can live with those choices, or chose to change them anytime. No one else has the power to do that, only you.  

Nothing out there can change what is being thought