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Learn Reiki TODAY and change your Life
Learn Reiki TODAY and change your Life



 Reiki Courses

Reasons to learn Reiki 

Reiki has the potential to turn your whole life around for the better if you self heal every day and listen to your intuition. Your whole life becomes clearer and you really do realise what is important in life and what you can do without. Everything is put into perspective and you learn to appreciate so many things and really learn who are your friends and who are just using you.

Most people have emotional traumas in their life and what many do not realise is that the energy from these traumas is carried with you and has a negative effect on you, possibly for your whole life. Our traumas hold us back in life stalling self-development. By using Reiki on yourself you can remove the energy attached to those traumas so you will no longer feel any pain associated with the event.  


Reiki connects you to universal energy so you can heal yourself whenever you feel the need. You can balance your body, mind and spirit by spending some time each day devoted to self-healing.

If you are feeling that there is something missing in your life that you can’t quite pin point, chances are that it’s your spirituality. By learning Reiki you are re-connected to your higher self, which means you will become far more intuitive, enabling you to make better decisions and to feel far more ‘whole’.

Stress is recognised as a major contributor to so many illnesses in modern society. Reiki has an extremely calming effect, filling you with a sense of inner peace and serenity that will ensure that stress won’t rule your life. You will gain a sense of real self-purpose and inner clarity that may have eluded you previously.
Our lifestyles are incredibly busy and this takes a toll on our bodies as well as other areas of our life. Through continual self-healing at a physical level you can not only help to prevent illnesses occurring but you can use Reiki on actual physical injuries and problems from mild back pain to cancer. Reiki can help with any illness.

If you feel that your life lacks direction learning Reiki re-connects you with your true purpose in life and will leave you feeling far more focused about where you need to be heading and directing all your precious resources. Many people spend years feeling they are in the wrong job or wrong situation and Reiki opens your mind up to the things that you really need, perhaps not want but need. There is nothing quite so liberating.

Many people often feel that they are taking so much from life and yet giving so little back and are completely unsure of how to rectify this situation. If you take a Reiki course to practitioner level you are able to heal others as well as yourself. There is nothing quite like healing other people to make you appreciate your own situation and bring comfort to your life. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to share your gift of healing helping someone else who so desperately needs it and bringing happiness to someone else’s life. Once this has been achieved you are finally free to be yourself.

It is easy to get trapped in the cycle of old lifestyle patterns and issues, for example: following the same faddy diets that don’t work, making new years resolutions you know you will break every year, getting trapped by financial issues, working too hard, struggling in relationships. This can continue for your whole life. Reiki can change the way you deal with life, the way you deal with situations and relationships in a way that is much healthier for you. It might not happen in a conscious way but you will find that for instance someone who takes advantage of you normally will get a shock when you defend yourself and demand greater respect. You learn to love yourself more and also to love others but in a way that allows them to learn their lessons and never take you for granted.

The founder of Reiki Mikao Usui said that Reiki was the ‘art of inviting happiness’. This is very true. If you ask anyone if they are honestly really happy I doubt you will get a resounding yes from the majority. People often misconceive what real happiness is and associate it with wealth, material possessions or a successful career. Happiness is about so much more than that. Happiness comes from a profound understanding of the universe and knowing your place in the universe. If you choose to learn Reiki you will be set on the path to enlightenment. For some this is a short path, for others a much longer one but once you know you are on it you find what happiness is. Reiki is more than just a therapy it is the way of the universe


Reiki Course details

Distant attunement any day you chose. The distant attunements and attunements in person are exactly the same. My attunements consist of using traditional and none traditional symbols and other methods what I have found to enhance the healing making it much more powerful

Tutor support and ongoing support when required

Accredited Course: Recognised Diploma / certificate in the post to enable you to practise reiki should you wish

What the course covers

Introduction to Reiki

The history of Reiki

How reiki works

Reiki Principles

Sending Reiki

The quickest, easiest and least time consuming ways to heal yourself and others

Preparing for Reiki

Self treatment

Treating others

Colour Therapy and how it can be used each day through diet, colour breathing, colours in the environment to obtain balance and with continued use maintain that balance

Crystal Healing

Chakra Balancing through various practises

Option to receive Reiki Booster - Receiving the distant attunement again

Tips for before, during and after healing

Nothing complicated to study or learn however the manuals cover everything you can possibly wish to know and much more should you chose to refer back to them anytime. Reiki is more of an attunement than a course and the learning really begins once attuned and you start using reiki on yourself and others. The more you use it the more you will discover

There is also a choice of hundreds of interesting Ebooks to chose from free with any course

The manuals cover much more than Reiki and include everything I have discovered over the 15 years of teaching and practising Reiki around the world in person and distant

Learning Reiki will change your Life in so many positive ways and encourage many positive changes which may be long over due



There are many beneficial effects of Reiki:

Promotes natural self-healing
Balances the energies in the body
Heals holistically
Strengthens the immune system
Relieves pain
Clears toxins
Enhances personal awareness
Relaxes and reduces stress
Promotes creativity
Treats symptoms and causes of illness
Adapts to the natural needs of the receiver.
Releases blocked and suppressed feelings
Balances the organs and glands and their bodily functions
Aids meditation and positive thinking

The courses are on going and run weekends. Booking to reserve your place is essential as the groups are small with limited spaces. The day will cover Usui Reiki 1,2 or Reiki Master Attunement and also the Chakra's, Crystals and Colours. You will learn how to use natural means as a preventative measures for your health and how to improve your health with simple yet very effective techniques. Once you have been attuned you will be receiving Reiki and practising on others. You will be presented with Usui Reiki Certificate which will enable you to practise Reiki.

For more details please contact me. Payments can be made Below via paypal online to secure your place for your chosen date or pay for distant attunement




Reiki 1 Distant Attunement - 45.00

Reiki 1 Attunement in person - 120.00

Reiki 2 Distant Attunement - 55.00

Reiki 2 Attunement in person 140.00

Reiki Master Distant Attunement - 175.00

Reiki Master Attunement in person - 250.00



ALSO DISTANT ATTUNEMENTS AVAILABLE FOR Ayurveda Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Surya Shakti Reiki levels 1,2 and Master ALL £20.00

LOOKING TO TEACH REIKI? ALL USUI Reiki levels 1, 2 & REIKI MASTER ONLY £195. SPECIAL OFFER. Price includes all manuals, certificates, linear chart and tips for before during and after healing / attunements




You are the only one in control of your Health. Take responsibility for your health today and give your body what it needs to be self healing. When you give your body the right conditions, it can and will heal itself

Reiki is one of the oldest and most powerful and effective forms of natural healing. Reiki is a Japanese name for the powerful natural healing energy that surrounds everything in the world. Call it what you will, its what makes us tick! Reiki energy revitalises and refreshes the mind, body and soul.
Reiki treatments complement any other kind of treatment or therapy, conventional or otherwise in both people and animals.

Treatments can help to heal every kind of physical problem including sports injuries, broken bones, back problems and serious illness or disease. Reiki healing is also particularly effective in combating stress, tension, depression, PMS and all forms of emotional trouble. Treatments can help you cope during times of upheaval and change. Some people can enjoy Reiki simply as a relaxing way to recharge their batteries and boost their energy levels, or to improve their general health and well-being.

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive hands-on form of healing which can never do harm and always benefits those who receive it. Treatments generally last for around an hour.  




Consequently what you thought last week and yesterday, is creating your today. What you are thinking and the actions you are taking right now today, is creating your tomorrow.  


healing one month / one year

The emotion codes nelson Bradley £12.99 FREE
A Course in Miracles 594 page
Quantum touch the power to heal Richard Gordon £18.99
The emotion code B nelson £12.79
Chicken soup for the soul Jack Canfield £9.99
Healing the body & mind Roger Kathol and Suzanne Gatteau £27.95
Quantum physics a beginners guide Alastair I.M. Rae £9.99
Quran £7.99
Tao te ching £6.75
Cosmic memory Prehistory of Earth and Man Rudolf steiner £13.99
Knowledge of higher worlds Rudolf steiner £7.99
The secret of instant healing J kinslow £9.99
plus many more available to download







You can practise Reiki any time, any place, any where. Nothing to study, no expensive equipment required, just you to do the healing. it’s a great way of earning extra income when ever you like. When you give healing, you also receive healing, so the more reiki you do, the better you will feel. 

Reiki is life changing in so many positive ways and the gift to heal yourself and others remains with you for life.
The distant attunement is available the same day. No time required whatsoever. No examination, no learning or study time. The only time you really learn about Reiki and energy is by practising healing, by simply placing your hands close to or on yourself or others.

Anyone can be attuned to Reiki. The ONL
Y way to learn Reiki is to be attuned either distant or in person and this will enable you to heal yourself and others for life. Once you have been attuned to Reiki all you need to do to heal yourself and other’s is simply place your hands close to or on yourself or another person and the energy will flow naturally and the healing will take place there and then and will also continue to heal. The healing will flow to where it is needed. You can also send healing with Reiki 1 attunement, you don’t need the symbols from Reiki 2 to enable your to send healing. It really is life changing in so many positive ways. Only when you have been attuned to Reiki and begin using Reiki on yourself and other’s you will learn about Reiki. The more you use it, the more you will learn.





Are you a healer or therapist who needs some healing ?
Busy sorting everyone elses problems you don’t make time for yourself ?
Its time to put yourself on the top of your to do list again
Any healer wishing to do a reiki / healing swap is more than welcome. If you are not local this can be done distant
Any therapist wishing to do a therapy swap is more than welcome
Looking for a goal buddy ?

contact me for more details



Live beyond your Limits, starting today!!!!